What is KU HAP DO?


Kuhap stands for a cutting act while standing up from a sitting posture. In America and Europe they translated it as quick diplay of the sword. Kuhap is martial arts that has a profound truth. By practicing the right way of the sword, you get to know an indomitable spirit, a respecful courtesy, and thus get to reach a stage of being free of all thoughts.


Kuhapdo is different from the art of fencing. In Kuhapdo, the sword is always in the sword case, meaning a carrying victor. It does not permit the misuse of the sword. It cleanses and trains mind. Through Kuhapdo training you get a high dignity of personally. It is moral doctrne to rule yourself.


You don't get cut by another person and you don't swing first. In today's high technological society you may ask why do you need Kuhapdo training when you can learn enduance and politeness from Dado, Sundo from Chansun, and a sprit of academic attitude from seodo. You can learn a true way of life from Kuhapdo.


The following are many things you can learn from Kuhapdo.


1. You reach a stage of being free of all thoughts.

2. You alway make right decision in a daily life.

3. You keep a dignity and calmness even in a dangerous situation, you become a confident.

4. You get acquainted with the sword and get to understand the sword. You do not learn the way of the killing with the sword. you use the sword for protection only.

5. You get a truethful and caring attitude toward other people by learning to be courteous.


As seen the above, an essential quaility of Kuhapdo training rech the true spirit of sword of swordamanship by developing a good personality and politeness towards others. Kuhapdo emphasizes a mental expression, not an outside looking expression. You have to take a serious view on coutesy and also have to use sword in a right way.


Kuhapdo is lifetime martial arts that is the best for training your body and mind.




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