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My wife (Master Park) and I (Master Kim), both originally from Korea, are martial arts experts. We have been practicing martial arts for 25 years and have 18 years of teaching experience. We both hold a college degree in physical education, and have dedicated our lives’ journey to learning, teaching, and practicing martial arts.

Master Min J. Park


Master Park, while in Korea,was a successful Taekwodo competitor at the national level. She was awarded medals in multiple tournaments including the Junior National Qualification Tournament and the All High School Championship. Her accomplishments and abilities have been widely recognized and led to a full scholarship in order to study physical education. She went on to become a certified teacher and received a Master level from The Kukkiwon (Headquter of Taekwondo).

●5th Degree Taekwondo(Kukkiwon)


●Certified 3rd level of Taekwondo referee(Kukkiwon)


●Certified 3rd level of Sports coach(KSPO)


●College degree in Physical Education(Sung-Shin University)


●Captain of Sung-Shin University Taekwondo Team

 Master Sun H. Kim


 I (Master Kim) graduated from the famous Yong-In University, a specialized martial arts university in Korea. During my time there, I became a member of the Official Yong-In University Hapkido Demonstration Team and studied eastern Asian martial arts and western sports science. I too was also awarded a full scholarship. Together, we are able to pass down to you the wisdom and knowledge of many great masters in Korea, including Grandmaster Dr. Yang, Jinbang (Chairman of the Technical Committee of the World Taekwondo Federation), Grandmaster Lim, Hyunsoo (President of Jungki Hapkido & Kuhapdo Association), Master Lee, kangjong (President of World Hapkimudo Federation)


●College degree in Physical Education

●1999-2001 Taekwondo Instructor of Korean Army

●2002-2005 Referee of Yongmoodo Tournaments in Korea

●2003-2005 Training Coach of Foreign Students in Yong-In University

●2005-2009 Senior Instructor of Tiger Martial Arts Academy(Manassas, VA)

●2010-2014 Director of Educational Team in Master Cho’s World Class Taekwondo Academy(Richmond, VA)

Certificates & Recognition


●5th Degree Black Belt in Yongmoodo (World Yongmoodo Federation)

●4th Degree Black Belt inHapkidoo (Korean New Martial Hapkido Federation)

●5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo (Kukkiwon)      

●2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo (Korea Judo Association)

●Certified Master Level in Korean New Martial Hapkido Federation

●Certified Master Level in World Yongmoodo Federation

●Certified 3rd Level of Referee in World Yongmood Federation

●Korean Certified Physical Therapist

●Korean Certified 3rd Level of Chiropractic

●12 years practiced Chung-Suk Kuhapdo (Certified Affiliated School Membership from Jungkikwan)

●Official Hapkido Demo Team & Training coach (Yong-In University)


 And More…

30 years martial arts experience

20 years teaching experience

"I had the pleasure of teaching at the same Dojang for various years with Master Kim and Master Park. This is the most dynamic, committed, and dedicated martial arts couple that I have meet in my 35 years training and teaching the martial arts. Master Kim a warrior and philosopher is one of the few Hapkido masters that have been thoroughly trained in both original lines of Choi Yong Sul (the father of Hapkido) and Ji Han Jae (the founder of Hapkido) Hapkido. He is a student of both GM Hwang Deok-Kyoo (first student of the founder of hapkido), and GM Lim Hyun Soo (longest standing disciple of the father of Hapkido). As a result Master Kim’s understanding of the art of Hapkido and his overall implementation of the art of Hapkido is like no other. A Yong In University graduate he shows the same level of control and advance skills in an array of Korean native martial arts to include Taekwondo, Yudo and Yongmoodo. Master Park is a wonderful instructor she taught for several years my two daughters. After several years since they have not train with her they still cherish their times and memories with her and speak regularly about things that she taught them. My eldest daughter now a Taekwondo instructor models her teaching style after her beloved teacher Master Park. Master Park is the most patient martial arts instructor I have ever met as a result her ability to teach children is incredible and most effective. A graduate of the prestigious Sung-shin University in Korea and former sparing team captain she is one of the most skilled female taekwondo competitors I have meet. If you have the opportunity to train with this wonderful martial art couple you should not hesitate as it is a unique training opportunity and you will be in for one of the bets experiences of your life." 


-Dr. Ramfis L. Marquez-

"This is the place for those who will like to learn to enjoy an authentic martial art. Master Kim has a great background and teaching experience, not only he is a passionate instructor that is always willing to share his knowledge and skills to everyone. If you are really looking to meet an instructor who knows what he is doing and will like to learn then please come see master Kim, you won't regret your decision."


-Grand Master Inwan Kim-

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