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Learn authentic Korean martial arts!

What is 'THE KICK'?


 ‘THE KICK’  is a professional KOREAN Martial Arts School. We offer authentic  Korean Martial Arts Programs in TAEKWONDO (Official Olympic Game), SOO-SHIN HAPKIDO (a Korean Integrated Martial Arts System), CHUNG-SUK KUHAPDO (a Korean Swordsmanship) and MORE!

Built into each of these classes is a traditional martial arts strength program that is supported by modern sports science. In our classes, you will learn how to build a strong core, gain flexibility, improve your cardio, and more, creating total body fitness through martial arts practice. In addition to providing physical fitness, ‘THE KICK’ will give you and your family training in the attitudes of respect, discipline, and responsibility that are an essential piece of practicing martial arts and that can be taken with you to all areas of life.



'THE KICK’ offers programs for preschoolers(ages 4 - 5), children, teenagers, adults, and even seniors. Our instructors have experience working with all ages and types of people, so it doesn’t matter how old you are, how strong you are, or even how flexible you are. Anyone, including you, can learn martial arts!



At ‘the KICK’, we understand that people today are incredibly busy.  With this in mind, we have designed a schedule that is meant to work with you in order to maximize your attendance opportunities.  Likewise, we offer a wide variety of memberships and specialized programs in the hopes of meeting the individual needs of all who join.  It is our goal to help you make martial arts part of your daily life. Our instructors will help you leave each class one step closer to your goals and wanting to learn and more.

"An excellent TKD teacher! My sons and I trained under him. We always looked forward to the class. Came out of the class rejuvenated."


-Kavita Kaul-

"I have been training in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido for over 12yrs and have trained with several different masters and instructors. The 3yrs I spent with Master Sun Kim were invaluable. His credentials and experience are outstanding. He presents a full understanding of martial arts, including the training, the philosophy, and the technique. He ensures you understand the meaning behind the technique as well as the mechanics of the technique itself. It's about the means not the ends. If you do not understand every step of the technique, you fail in the final execution. You will not be pushed through a program just to be promoted, you will learn. He and Master Park are also extremely patient and good-natured and are able to teach children and adults of all ages successfully. I highly recommend training with Master Kim and Master Park. The Kick Martial Arts will not be your typical BELT FACTORY."


-Dave Cameron-

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